Where is Chad?

Located in Central Africa, Chad has a 6,406.00 km border with Cameroon (1,116 km), Central African Republic (1,556 km), Libya (1,050 km), Niger (1,196 km), Nigeria (85 km) and Sudan (1,403 km).Since 2003, ad hoc armed militia groups and the Sudanese military have driven hundreds of thousands of Darfur residents into Chad.

Chad is an African country covering 1,284,000.00 km2 of which 1.93% is water and 1,259,200.00 km2 is land. This makes it the 22nd largest country in the world and almost nine times the size of New York state; slightly more than three times the size of California. Its geographic coordinates are 15 00 N, 19 00 E and N'Djamena is the capital city.

The country is named for Lake Chad.

Its ISO code is TD.


Chad has a mean elevation of 543 m above sea level. Its lowest elevation is Djourab which is 160m above sea level. Its highest elevation is Emi Koussi which is 3,415m above tall.

It has a tropical climate in the south and an arid climate in the north. Its terrain consists of arid plains in the center, desert in the north, mountains in the northwest, and lowlands in the south.


Chad has a population of 11,852,462 making it the 76th largest in the world. The population density is highest in the southwest.

French and Arabic are official languages. Major ethnic groups reported include Sara, Kanembu, and Arab. The majority of the population is Muslim, with large Protestant and Roman Catholics minorities.

The dialing code for the country is 235.


Chad is an independent country. It gained independence from France in 1960. Its constitution was last ratified in 1996.


Factoring in Purchasing Power Parity, Chad's GDP is $30,590,000,000.00 (USD) with $2,600.00 (USD) per capita. This makes it the 129th largest economy and its citizens the 188th richest in the world. The currency of Chad is the Franc (XAF).

Its major export partner is the United States. Its main exports are oil, livestock, and cotton. Its major import partners are France, China, and Cameroon. Its major imports include machinery and transportation equipment, and industrial goods.

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