There are various versions of the flags related to the territory’s national flag, including the civil ensign and the gubernatorial flag. The former, a red ensign featuring the British Virgin Islands’ coat of arms, is to be flown on board vessels that are either visiting the territory or are registered there. Vessels flying the blue ensign can only do so if they are in service or if they belong to the government. The territory’s governor uses a different flag, and it features a union flag which is defaced by the coat of arms. The design for the gubernatorial flag is identical to those of other governors in the British Overseas Territories. The flag is for use at Government House when the governor is within the territory or in the residence. The gubernatorial flag is also on the bonnet of the vehicle which the governor uses to travel while on official duties.

What Do the Flag's Colors and Symbols Mean?

On the flag of the British Virgin Islands, there is the Union flag in the canton of a Blue Ensign. This ensign is also defaced with the coat of arms of the British Virgin Islands. The coat of arms features Saint Ursula, a Romano-British Christian saint. Saint Urusla is holding a gold lamp and is surrounded by eleven lamps as well. This is meant to represent her 11,000 virigin followers.

Who Designed the Flag?

The flag of the British Virgin Islands has several etiquettes. For instance, the flag must never be flown above any other flag indicating inferiority or superiority. It is also not allowed to drag along the ground. The flag should not be torn or old as this shows disrespect to the country. All government buildings are encouraged to fly the flag which is supposed to be flown from sunrise to sunset. If a flag is to be disposed of, it should be in a dignified way such as privately burning it with respect.

What Have Historical Versions of the Flag Looked Like?

In 1999, there were brief modifications made to the flag of the British Virgin Islands. The shield was given a white outline, and was also enlarge. Notably, the British Virgin Islands flew a special flag at the Olympic Winter Games in Sarajevo in 1984. The flag featured a white cloth with a Serbo-Croatian inscription.

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